Off-Topic: How Many More Times?

This morning when I woke up, I saw the news about another mass shooting on a college campus. Florida State. First of all, I’d like to say that my thoughts are with the victims and their families and friends. This is a horrendous occurrence, and I’m so sorry for all the tears, and heartbreak that come along with the injury and loss of a loved one.

Now, I’m thoroughly upset about this. How many more times am I going to wake up in the morning, see the news of yet another mass shooting, and feel horribly unsafe attending my classes that day? How many more times are parents going to lose their children far too soon? How many more times are students going to be traumatized by the loss of their friends in a preventable situation? How many more times are we going to sit around and do absolutely NOTHING?

I shouldn’t be waking up in the morning afraid to walk onto campus. I shouldn’t be afraid that a man or woman yielding a gun might kill the people that I love at a place that’s supposed to be safe. I shouldn’t have to worry that a student is going to walk into the office armed. And yet, I am. We let these shooters slip through the cracks. Then they fall, and no one is there to catch them. We let our students wander with these shooters, unknowingly. We cling tighter to our guns. And nothing gets solved.

So now what? We’ve got another shooting. Another tragedy. Yet still we sit and do nothing. When are we going to get upset about this? Are we accepting this? Are we accepting that this fear and tragedy is just a part of our lives? This shouldn’t be happening! People are flocking to schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, etc. and DYING because we can’t get a handle on this problem. Most literally, this is a life or death situation. If we continue the pattern of sitting back and doing nothing, more people will die for absolutely no reason, and more families will be left with broken hearts and shattered hopes.

If the tragedy in Newtown did nothing, I’m hesitant to believe that anything will. Innocent little children were slaughtered, and we still did nothing. Those victims got no justice, and their parents are still living in a country where they could very likely be victimized by the same kind of violence again. We’ve had our talks. Now where is our action?